Cyprus Problem | Don’t Mention the War!

There is a genuine fear by some Greek Cypriots that politicians in the south may use the EU Presidency to inappropriately promote their opinion about Turkey’s actions in 1974. I’ve even used the unemotional word “actions” and avoided the emotive “invasion” or “intervention” words which automatically takes a side.

In two reported cases recently, Greek Cypriot government employees have publicly voiced opinions during events seemingly unconnected to the Cyprus Problem. In front of school children during an environmental event in front of holocaust survivors during a symposium on World War II. 1

It seems as if at any opportunity when people are gathered to listen to something totally unrelated to the Cyprus Problem it is used to put the Greek Cypriot side of that problem. It may be excellent propaganda and the audience may not be upset but there is a real danger that to do this in front of EU representatives may well backfire, hopefully.

In my opinion, while politicians in the south may be saying that they intend to be neutral towards Turkey during their 6 months at the helm, in reality the habit of slagging the country off will be hard to break.

Source1 Cyprus Mail – 6 June 2012

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