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Popular Science News – if you haven’t had one then what follows may sound like gibberish to you. A new craze, apparently, is to attend courses teaching how to have lucid dreams. These are dreams in which you know you are dreaming and have varying degrees of control of what happens. In my own experiences of such dreams, my control seems to be limited to studying the detail of objects around me. They usually start by my realising I’m having a lucid dream and saying something like, “this is a dream” and then quickly having a look around before I either wake up or lapse back into a normal dream.

There is even a smartphone app which received half a million downloads in 6 weeks and claims to allow users to chose what they want to dream about before they go to sleep and then plays a signal while they’re asleep in order to start the lucid dream. This is what I used to do when I was about 12 years old, without the technology of course, by simply saying “I’ll have a flying dream tonight.”

7th century Buddhists used to call lucid dreams “dream yoga.” Opinions vary about the practical use of lucid dreams which range from them being high class entertainment to tools for awakening creativity. One of the methods that works for me is keeping a dream diary. If you’d like to try lucid dreaming yourself, simple instructions can be found here

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