Christofias Troika Counter-Proposals ‘Laughable’

North Cyprus | Christofias Troika Counter-Proposals 'Laughable'Oh dear, here we go again. North Cyprus may have problems but in the south the Unions are not happy with the Trioka plans and the Government are not happy. Well what did they expect?  That this member of the EU do not find the proposals to their liking surprises no-one. Take it or leave should be the next message from Europe.  A country comes cap in hand asking for money and expects to dictate the terms. Yes that will work, not.

The opposition parties said they find the government’s counter-proposals laughable, and believe that the Troika will not take them seriously.

“The government counter-proposes finding €100m for 2012, of which €65m comes from taxes that they will collect in two months. This is a joke. It can’t happen. There is no tax the government can impose and collect €65m within two months. And we expect them to take us seriously?” The DIKO vice-president said.” [Cyprus Mail]

Makes the North Cyprus economy look positively booming.


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