Popular Science News | UK Government Cuts Risk Hacker Attacks

Popular Science News | UK Government Cuts Risk Hacker AttacksPopular Science News – a simple conclusion has been drawn from the UK government’s inability to recruit ‘internet whizzes’ to help protect their computer systems. If the government doesn’t recruit the necessary talent to counter the skills of hackers then the security and functioning of systems operated by, for example, the NHS could be at risk. With the government trying to computerise every aspect of its functions any successful attempt to compromise it would affect services.

Put simply, pay peanuts and you get monkeys. The problem was recognised last year:

‘Government intelligence agency GCHQ has been unable to retain the required experts it needs to tackle growing threats from cyberspace, and the government must investigate ways around pay constraints in order to improve the situation, a group of MPs and Lords have warned.

Chaired by former Defence Secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind, the Intelligence and Security Committee was told by the director of GCHQ that he needed “some real internet whizzes in order to do cyber”.’ [Public Service]

Well, they didn’t succeed and no matter how much the government says that money doesn’t matter, the salary and facilities that go with working for Microsoft, Amazon or Google cannot fail to prevent these whizzes failing to work for Queen and Country.

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