North Cyprus | Bullied by a ‘Gang of Overgrown Schoolboys’

North Cyprus | Bullied by a 'Gang of Overgrown Schoolboys'WITHOUT PREJUDICE

If Pauline Read had known what awaited her in North Cyprus, would she have ever bought here? That is the question I put to Pauline Read.

Of course the answer was no. She has been treated very badly by the Advocate she entrusted with her purchase and then by the whole system. Not that she is alone of course. However she has been singled out for more than her fair share of ‘dirty tricks’ by a system that acts more like a gang of overgrown schoolboys than adults. You really have to wonder at the mentality of anyone who would perceive a woman in her 68th year as a MI6 agent or a propagandist for the south. You also have to wonder at the newspapers such at Yeniduzen and Halkin Sesi who buy into these acts of spite by actually publishing such rubbish as calling for her deportation and labelling her and Agile as “mistress” and “lover”. Each accuses the other of being less than accurate under the Trades Description Act on using those particular terms.

So why is she being treated so? Well she is outspoken, but is she untruthful? She says not. It is very hard to combat the truth so the wrong doers seek to undermine her by creating a smoke screen to divert attention from her message. By accusing her the way they do, they not only make themselves look stupid but the very things they accuse her of are so bizarre it would be hard for any thinking person to take them seriously. This behaviour of ‘getting their own back’ allegedly exists even amongst those elected to look after the rights of the populous whether citizen or guest.

This childish mentality of striking out at someone you have wronged who dares to answer back, is of course playground behaviour and demonstrates clearly just how wrong these people are.

It now looks very likely that Pauline Read is about to take another knock from those in North Cyprus who do not wish her well. At the moment she has asked me to keep quiet about this and I respect her decision, but when the time is right, she has promised to go public with it.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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