Akfinans Bank in North Cyprus launches an allegedly illegal armed police raid on Kulaksiz 5 ex-pat pensioners

I have watched with interest as the story of what has happened to the property market in the TRNC unfolded.  As a regular reader and infrequent contributor to North Cyprus Free Press, I have been impressed with the coverage given by this online newspaper.

When the story first hit the news, I thought that the Government would intervene and would not allow property to be taken from any investor in the TRNC, simply to forestall damage to its property market. Subsequent events proved my thought process to be entirely wrong.

I have been impressed by the support shown to the victims of the property market by English language newspapers and the various Internet forums such as CYPRUS 44 and NORTH CYPRUS FORUM although of late I have noticed a decline in the coverage of the property problems by the English and Turkish language news media.  So much so, that I could have been lulled into thinking they had been addressed if I had not continued to log into North Cyprus Free Press.

I read of the break-in at the home of Pauline Read and although I did not condone such an action, especially the attempt to run over her husband, I did feel she put herself in the firing line.  I particularly feel that she underplayed the attack on her husband and I am sure he is not particularly amused by her referring to him as agile; I think he was extremely fortunate not to have sustained injury.

The events this last weekend sound more like guerrilla warfare.  I was shocked to see a picture of a Bank official climbing into the home of an absentee owner, named in the Cyprus Today as Mrs Eva McCluskey, although I was heartened to learn that although the locks were changed, the Police allowed the neighbours to change them back.

This minor victory for the beleaguered residents of Kulaksiz 5 was short lived.  On Wednesday afternoon as many as eight Bank officials and six Policemen swooped into Demokracy Sokak and despite protests from the residents, forcibly entered the villa of Mrs. Eva McCluskey  and changed the locks yet again. I fail to understand how Police can assist a break in into a privately owned villa without a Court Order permitting this act.  I fail also to see how law abiding guests in the TRNC can be kept waiting up to two hours for the local Police to arrive when called out by distressed pensioners and yet the officials of Akfinans Bank Limited can arrive with not just one or two policemen in tow, but six, and then these same six policemen stand by and watch an illegal act take place.  I fail to understand why such a large presence was necessary to subdue pensioners, the eldest of whom is said to be 88 years old.

This is intimation on a major scale. The Mafia style interest rate which was reduced by the court to 80% per quarter compound, yes you read that correctly, 80% per quarter compound is allegedly a reduced rate. In line with the Mafia style interest rate, the Bank has now adopted guerrilla type raid tactics and please remember, the Bank Officials may not be carrying weapons, but the police are.  Also a car can be a lethal weapon too as demonstrated in the attack on the husband of Pauline Read.

Many questions arise from this recent action, not least of which is why is Akfinans Bank Limited being allowed to by-pass due legal process which requires them to apply for a Court Order to obtain vacant possession of these villas?   Why are the Police arbitrarily making decisions on the rightness or wrongness of the actions of Akfinans Bank Limited when such decisions are the responsibility of the Court system?  Why is the democratically elected Government of the TRNC allowing such obvious violations of the Human Rights of each and every owner of the Kulaksiz 5 development?  Their inactivity is giving Akfinans Bank Limited tacit approval for every vile act they perpetrate. Is this a Country out of control?

Akfinans Bank Limited’s obvious tactics are to pick off every villa on Kulaksiz 5 one by one.  If they get away with this, then every Bank with a mortgage on a development will apply the same tried and tested tactics.   If you have a mortgage on your villa, you will be next.




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