Akfinans Bank Manager, Mr Ertul Kader, accused of complicity in Kulaksiz 5 property scam

Mr Ertul Kader, how well I remember our one and only meeting of the 9th July 2008. Do you remember when I walked in and you said to me:

“We have spoken on the phone, you are the religious lady”. Oh I remember speaking on the phone with you too, although you were rather coy about revealing your identity then, I clearly remember the conversation when you told me not to tell prospective buyers of the house next door to me, that it had a mortgage on it. I asked you if you were a good Muslim, you told me you were. I then pointed out to you that I am a good Christian and I would not lie to prospective purchasers of that house.

You remember the house, of course you do. It is the house of Yuksel Yilmaz , the one you claimed as your ‘best friend’, the one YOU gave a further mortgage to in November 2005, despite the fact that the mortgage you gave in March 2005 had never received a lira in payment. What sort of business man are you? Risking more of the Bank’s money (not yours) on a bad risk? You rather gave the game away as far as your identity was concerned with the words “we have spoken on the phone, YOU are the RELIGIOUS lady”. Indeed I was, indeed I still am and being a true believer in God and Divine Retribution, I know sinners do not go unpunished.

Below is a summary of the meeting:

It is my belief that you never expected a payment and indeed by applying the extortionate interest, which was later reduced by the court to 80% per quarter compound, you always knew the end result would be exactly what is happening today. Did you never feel one moment of compassion for the elderly frail people who would eventually lose everything?

Readers please note, the Summary of the Meeting was written the day of the meeting.

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