Cyprus Law | Expanding Your Vocabulary


Cyprus Law | Expanding Your Vocabulary

So many new words have entered my vocabulary since coming to live in north Cyprus.  Not new in the sense I did not know of their existence but new in the sense that they entered into my everyday living.

Writ – never had one in my life until I came to north Cyprus now I am about to collect number 11 and 12.

Injunction – oh, now that is as common here as eating.

Memorandum – I would be very happy to never ever hear that word again.

Justice – in my ignorance I believed it was the right of everyone.

Unjust – so very, very prevalent.

So the word Justice is both common and uncommon here. The word being common, the attainment lengthy and not always what you expect.

Maybe a new Government will change everything Maybe not.

Never give in never give up

Pauline Ann Read

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