Cyprus Property | What Will Elections Bring For Property Victims?


Cyprus Property | What Will Elections Bring For Property Victims?

On Sunday 28th July 2013 Turkish Cypriots and citizens of north Cyprus vote. As foreigners we may feel this does not affect us greatly since we do not have a vote. As an apolitical person I have no real feelings about which party gets into power other than I hope and pray this time north Cyprus gets a Government more interested in the welfare of its people and less interested in what the power can do for them personally. This is where it does affect those of us with no vote, a well run country with equality for all regardless of race, colour or creed. The continuance of a secular state where all can worship freely regardless of their faith.

Needless to say, the property scam victims in north Cyprus, and there are so many, are hoping for a Government that cares about their plight and that abhors usury rates if interest is applied to the mortgages on some of the victims homes without their knowledge or consent. Also a government that see the unfairness of chasing the innocent for the debts of the guilty and that sees stealth mortgages and the application of memorandums, on the property of those who did not incur a debt, as archaic and unjust.

It is the former owners of the properties that now have mortgages and memorandums on them who are the guilty in the property scams, so why then are the lives of the present owners being made unbearable by court appearances, horrendous legal fees, stress, ill health and in some cases death. Can you wonder that the property sector is suffering, who in their right mind would even risk something similar happening to them? Who in their right mind would buy in north Cyprus until they see justice being done and being seen to be done?

JUSTICE for the existing victims of the property scams should be a priority for a new Government, followed by a full investigation into all that led to this unsatisfactory state of affairs in the property sector, with all that is unfair and unjust being replaced by a well thought out, well structured and modern system where there are no ‘loopholes’ for the dishonest to crawl through.

Change must come, let it be sooner rather than late; some of us just do not have the years left to wait.


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