Cyprus Law | Another Day Another Court Appearance

Cyprus Law | Another Day Another Court AppearanceWITHOUT PREJUDICE

Cyprus Law | Another Day Another Court Appearance

Today I arrived at the Supreme Court just before 9.00 am.  I did go in to Chambers where I saw one of the Judges. Unfortunately, there were not the three Judges needed available and to add to the problem, one of the Advocates acting for one the Arapkoy owners had not had the necessary Writ correctly served on Kulaksiz Construction Limited and/or Abdurrahman Guney. Yes they have to be served because they were involved in the original Breach of Contract case. Until this is done, and seen to be done, even though no one expects them to turn up at the court, the final decision to overturn my Breach of Contract judgement of the 6th November 2009 cannot happen. You have to wonder how much more havoc these low life people are going to wreak on innocent people’s lives. Not least of all mine. The situation is, one of the Advocates had successfully served them, one had not.

I return to the Supreme Court on Wednesday when three Supreme Court Judges will be there and hopefully the papers will have been successfully served and I can be finally released from this agony. If not, the one Advocate who has successfully served on them will have what she wants for her client, but the other will still have to be sorted.

Like Girne court, this time of year things change and there could be different Judges sitting on this case if it is not concluded on Wednesday. In fairness, all concerned are as eager as I am to see an end of it.

The biggest joke of all, Kulaksiz Construction Limited and Abdurrahman Guney are unlikely to show up no matter what, however as long as they have been served the case can be concluded.

Ironically, it is the man who called me ‘scum’s Advocate whose Writ was incorrectly served. Wouldn’t you know it?

I am so tired but I will be there on Wednesday.

Pauline Ann Read

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