Cyprus Law | Kulaksiz 5 Case Dealt a Body Blow


Cyprus Law | Kulaksiz 5 Case Dealt a Body Blow

Well despite the optimism shared by the K5, the decision we needed, ie. to have the amendment granted by the Judge today at Girne District Court, ended in failure. The Judge saw fit to deny this amendment. So that could mean the main case will be delayed too. The legal team will apply for this so that we can Appeal the decision given by Judge Talat Usar this morning.

A body blow…yes. Not least because the last time we Appealed the date took 13 months to obtain, then the hearing and then the wait for a judgement. Even looking at this conservatively, we are looking to adding another 18 months to two years to the overall time this case is taking.

I am totally gob-smacked. We also have to find 2,500 TL plus kdv to pay the other side’s costs for the amendment hearing. This means another 330 TL each approximately.

God help us all to live long enough to see an outcome of this case.


Ain’t life wonderful.

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