Cyprus News | Serdar Denktas Demands Ercan Airport Change

Cyprus News | Serdar Denktas Demands Ercan Airport ChangeCyprus News | Serdar Denktas Demands Ercan Airport Change

Serdar Denktaş, the leader of the Democrat Party, is demanding the cancellation of the 650 million-euro privatization of  Ercan Airport as part of his agreement to join a coalition. During the election Denktaş promised to cancel the airport tender, claiming that the privatization tender was corrupt. Now he is saying he would only join a coalition partner which agreed to fulfill his promise.

Referring to Taşyapı, the construction company which led the consortium that won the tender, he said:

“The company will go either of their own will or via lawful enforcement. It is that clear… We’ll seek a coalition partner who thinks in line with us about the airport tender. If our potential coalition partner refuses to take action against the company, we’ll resign.”

Emrullah Turanlı, the head of the company, replied

“I believe Turkish Cyprus has everything that a serious state has. The state of the Turkish Cyprus initiated a privatization tender for Ercan Airport last year, and we won the tender by giving the best price with our two partners. If the courts want to cancel the tender by paying our money and compensating for our losses, that’s OK for us. Otherwise we’ll be so sad.”

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