Compare Asil Nadir’s UK Justice with TRNC Property Victims


So the final days of this sad and sorry saga of Asil Nadir’s Polly Peck court case are being played out in the High Court in London. All that remains is for the Judge to sum up the case the the Jury to arrive at their verdict.

Whatever that verdict is, it must be remembered that for 123 days the British tax payer has been paying towards Mr Nadir’s sought after justice. Of course I am not a legal expert but whatever the outcome, will it be subject to an Appeal and will we the taxpayers face another bill?

When you look at the cost of Justice in north Cyprus for the litigants of the Property Scam there, you have to wonder at the fairness of the whole worldwide justice system. Perhaps also consider that had the north Cyprus authorities regulated the building industry and all that goes with purchasing property there, the litigants in north Cyprus would be spending the autumn of their lives relaxing in their dream homes and not wondering where they will find the money for justice. Let us hope they do not have to wait 17 years for it.

But, in truth had Mr Nadir faced the music immediately, and not absconded to his native north Cyprus, it would all now be just a memory. The time he has actually been caught up in his trial is 123 days so far. It seems the justice system in north Cyprus is not going to be so expedient and most may well have to look outside the country for justice.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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