Cyprus Today | 4/8/2012

North Cyprus News Update | in Cyprus TodayWITHOUT PREJUDICE

Front page: Musician Leads Way on Permits – Barry Seward aka Barry Snakes, popular local entertainer had secured the first work permit through a pioneering new agency. Yippee. Good front page stuff.

Judge rejects Juio Inglesias case – Good news for common sense.

Proud Mum – Caroline Brash who lives in Karsiyaka is pictured smiling holding a pennant, her son Scott is competing in the show jumping at the London Olympics. Caroline has flown back to the UK to watch her son compete. Good luck Scott.

Asil Nadir – gets a tiny insert on page 3 (whoops still you’ve read about that already)

The Orams Saga – set to run and run, seems Lapta Major Fuat Namsoy is determined to collect the back taxes and bills which now stand at 1,717 TL because he does not recognise the European or British courts. You will recall the Orams were promised they would NEVER be victims (so that is no victimisation for the Orams, 3 man committee, 5 wisemen committee, ect etc – this is definitely a govt you can negotiate with). “How on earth can the municipality ask us to pay council tax arrears for a house we are not allowed access to, through no fault of our own?” (You might well ask Linda, how on earth can a Bank occupy a house they broke into and took?) They have renewed their demand to the Government for the £165,000 promised to them.

Turkish Bank UK fined – it seems the Financial crimes division are not happy with defences of this Bank against money laundering. A fine of £294,000 for breaching the Money Laundering Regulations 2007 based on an unacceptable risk that could have been used for money laundering. (HSBC, Garantii, Deleted Bank, Koop Bank, all in the news lately).


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