Popular Science News | Building a Perfect Sandcastle

Popular Science News – having spent a few days on the beach failing to build a perfect sandcastle, I thought it would be interesting to find out why I was such a failure. Well, researchers in Paris have shown me where I was going wrong. I should have been using 99 parts of dry sand to 1 part of water. With this mix you can build a stable 2.5m (8ft) column with a base 20cm (8in) wide.

So, the next time you go down to the beach and intend to build a perfect sandcastle don’t forget to take a 20cm x 2.5m bucket and a camping stove to dry the sand. Oh, and a ladder to be able to reach to top of the bucket to give it a little tap. It’ll be worth it, your grandchildren will be suitably impressed when a second later they knock it down!

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