Former MP Michael Mates Linked to Asil Nadir Makes a Comeback

The 78 year old former MP, Michael Mates, has been chosen by the Conservatives to stand as an elected police chief, ahead of Donna Jones a 35 year old member of Portsmouth City Council.

So what has changed since 2010 when Mr Mates chose to step down declaring, “When you reach the stage where the leader of the party is younger than than most of your children, it is time to retire”?

Mates is also infamous for leading the rebellion against the poll tax and resigning over his links with Asil Nadir. I am sure Maggie will give him a resounding endorsement, for his loyalty and connections.

So instead of the COMEBACK KID, we have the COMEBACK GERIATRIC. Go figure.

Source: Daily Telegraph

Pandora S Box

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