Greek Cypriot Government Approve Turkish Cypriot Land Swap

Is this the beginning of the process started three decades ago but halted because it might have taken away the potential for peace talk blackmail? What I’m talking about is Greek Cypriot land being swapped for land in the south. Those who have TRNC “shared” property title deeds have been told that the seller had been given this title deed because they have a land title deed in the south they surrendered to the TRNC government in exchange. It seems that the Greek Cypriot government have opened up the doors for these TRNC title deeds to become internationally recognised by approving “the transfer of Turkish Cypriot land in Larnaca to Tymvios as agreed in an amicable settlement at the Immoveable Property Commission (IPC) in the north, followed by the purchase of that land by the state for €13m.” [Cyprus Mail]

Obviously this was not welcomed by some GC MPs but this case, approved by the IPC in 2007, was blocked by the GC Land Registry until now. As the Turkish Cypriot land now included two schools and a number of businesses owned by Greek Cypriot refugees it made sense for this to be legitimised. Critics, however, moaned that such acts persuaded more Greek Cypriots to take this route and there was a fear that before long the property problem might be solved without government interference.

Apparently, there are three more amiable land swaps in the IPC pipeline waiting for the result of the Tymvios case.

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