Pauline Read Accused of Akfinans Bank Vendetta


In a recent article in Kibris Postasi, Halil Okur appeared to accuse Pauline Read of conducting a personal vendetta against Akfinans Bank Limited.  Halil Okur described as the Secretary General of the Banks Association, must have believed what he was saying or why would he say it?

I would like to ask Mr.Okur, if someone gave a mortgage on your home without your knowledge or consent, what would you do?

If that same person charged 250% interest on that ‘stealth’ mortgage, what would you do?

If the fraudulent mortgage caused your home to be repossessed by the Bank, what would you do?

If the Bank then pseudo purchased your home at auction, what would you do?

If the bank were not prepared to wait and get a legal eviction notice but instead violently broke into your villa and illegally repossessed it, what would you do?

If the Bank then moved into your villa and used it as their weekend home, what would you do?

I have put these question to many Turkish Cypriots and the majority answered with ‘I would get a gun and shoot the ba*****s’.

In comparison, Ms Read’s reaction has been very tame. She has just repeated the truth, over and over.

She has never called the Bank’s liquidity or financial stability into question. She has never suggested anyone should not bank with them or change their bank if they bank with them.

Since she is not interested in hurting the Bank’s business, why would she?

In short she has never even dented Bank Law 39/2001, so why even mention penalties?

The Bank itself is an inanimate object. The people who own, now that is another matter.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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