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A Peel

A Peel


The reporting of the Asil Nadir case by the Cyprus Mail is interesting. Obviously the comments beneath are very interesting too and probably indicative of feeling either side of the crossing.

A reduced jury has found him guilty on 3 counts, not guilty on one and still deliberating on 9 more charges, after consulting with the Judge who gave them leave to enter a majority decision on each of the remaining 9 charges. It is reported that they will deliberating on the remaining charges today and one supposes for however many more days it takes them.

Talk of Mr Nadir appealing is already emerging, but why? He has had his time in court, a jury trial has to be the fairest way and unless something was allowed in evidence that should not have been or the Judge misdirected the Jury, what possible grounds could he have? Whatever happens to Mr Nadir, it seems the consequences of this trial could be running as long as the trials for the Kulaksiz 5. The major difference is that Mr Nadir will probably still be funded by the British taxpayer although the Kulaksiz 5 will still be digging deep into their empty pockets. On balance, I know which of the two is the more deserving.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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