Citizen’s Advice Cyprus | NCFP now Banned by Chris Arif?

An Administrator on Citizen’s Advice Cyprus (CAC) seems now to have banned my NCFP account with them. I can’t see why Pembe Ibrahim would do this as we don’t seem to have any issues between us. However Admin Chris Arif and I did energetically exchange views a few weeks ago so I wonder if he took offence at being challenged.

I don’t know if it is a coincidence, but I received an email recently saying that the sender thought it strange that CAC Admin, Chris Arif, and his brother were the landowners in the Sevilla property case which CAC says they had sorted out. I said that I’d need to check this with Chris Arif but then found that I was no longer a CAC member.

If anyone is still a member of CAC, and has not been banned, could you put a comment on there asking if it was Chris Arif that banned me and if he and his brother are the landowners in the Sevilla case? I only want to peek at CAC every now and then, to see what they’re doing and write the occasional article keeping NCFP readers updated. Perhaps nothing is going on and that’s why they don’t want me to see. You can always have a look at their new website at CAC but there’s nothing there yet.


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