in Cyprus Today | 22/8/2012

North Cyprus News Update | Cyprus TodayDid drug baron own Tatar car? – doubts are raised over TRNC Finance Minister’s second car. A drug dealer’s car had been legally taken by the TRNC government after the drug dealer owner failed to collect it. A former advisor to the President said on TV that he believed that Ersin Tatar now had it. Editor: so what? If the government impounded a car legally and then used it to save tax payers buying a car, that’s got to be a good thing, surely? Unless there were drugs hidden in it, of course.

BRS urges expats to take preventative measures against burglary – lock your doors and windows when you go out and overnight. Editor: and don’t leave large amounts of money hanging from a string from your gate? No seriously, when I was young in the UK we used to have our door key on a string hanging from the letterbox, hence the term latchkey kids for children returning from school before their parents. Then in the 1960s when local crime increased this changed and 50 years later the same is happening here.

Nadir lawyers will ‘fight on for justice’ – see NCFP article but Nadir is quoted as saying ‘I sometimes wonder whether living and trying to absorb this injustice, or dying, which is worst?’ Editor: anyone want to comment?

Vakıflar starts legal battle against Greek Cypriot millionaire – who is claiming ownership of dozens of homes in Maraş along with 115m Euros compensation. The Vakıflar Trust believes it owns this property. The trust has title deeds to the properties which were illegally handed over to Greek Cypriots by the British administration. Editor: from what I remember it was revenge taken after WW1 in the 1920s for Turkey having sided with Germany.

Is Girne ready to be the Ayia Napa of the North? – interesting article with people complaining that the noisy visitors who behaved as if Girne was Ayia Napa should have gone there instead.

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