Popular Science News | Cloud Makers Aim to Save World

Popular Science News – they’re at it again, this time a scientist is aiming to create clouds which he says will save the world from global warming. That’s it, a private company is going to test this theory by sending out ten specially designed ship, spread across 100km of ocean and spraying salt water in the air so that the clouds it makes will reflect the sunlight and prevent warming. Well that’s the pipe dream of University of Washington atmospheric physicist Rob Wood.

there has to be companies desperate to get into the ground floor of this incredibly profitable scheme, NOT! That’s the trouble with scientists, they forget that businesses at the end of the day are looking for a profit. Who is going to buy this? Perhaps in 20 years time, all the world governments will meet in a sweltering room, desperate to cool the world down, and they’ll say – “a trillion dollars to anyone who can stop global warming,” and up will pop Cloud Cuckoo Land Inc… Dream on, might as well get everyone in the world to leave their freezer doors open for an hour a day.


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