Announcement from Kulaksiz 5 spokesperson Bob French

I have been asked to put the following announcement on the NCFP for the Kulaksiz 5 Group. I have already made you aware of the costs and the forthcoming event on 21st September 2011 in two separate articles. It is a setback for Kulaksis 5, but as Bob says, we will regroup and move forward.

2000 TL costs awarded against Kulaksiz 5

Kulaksiz 5 lost a round in the legal battle recently and 2000 TL costs were awarded against us, but we are not deterred by this, we recognise the K5 case could go all the way to the ECHR before we get justice. We are fighting this case not only for ourselves who live on K5, but for every home buyer in the TRNC who has similar problems.

We are fortified by the rightness of our case and the tremendous support we are getting at K5 Group fundraising events. The proceeds of these events go to meet the costs of the K5 Group legal expenses. We in K5 group have been overwhelmed by the amount of support we are getting from the public and various organisations that are helping us in many different ways.

We hope all our supporters will continue to help us. The next K5 Group fundraising event is at the Green Palace, Karsiyaka at 7:30pm, Wednesday 21st September when we hope to meet up with some of our many friends again. Tickets are available 35 TL from David Brown tel 0533 868 9652″

Kulaksiz 5 spokesperson
Bob French

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