Tony Davey allegedly “blackmailed” to plead guilty to boys’ deaths in North Cyprus traffic accident

NCFP would like to make it clear that they in no way accepting that the comments below represent the truth but as they are being made on a public forum, Cyprus44, and even if deleted later will still be available on Google, we are reporting them here out of public interest.

Taken from Cyprus44 the following comment was made in a thread started by “pipebender” who says he is Anthony Davey who was found guilty of the deaths of two young boys in a traffic accident:

“I would like to say thank you to all those people how gave me support when i was thrown in jail after the accident that i was involved in.

There has been a lot of miss information given but if anyone is interested i could give the true version of what happend, needless to say that everything that i did was legal and everything those two stupid boys did was illegal.

I spent eight months in that turkish shithole and i was inocent, i was charged on evidence when they had no proof, i was blackmailed by the prossicution that if i continued to plead not guilty my case would not be heard untill Christmas but if i plead guilty i would be released immediatly.

My advocat lied to me and said he had done a deal, (Witness to this was the reporter from Cyprus Today )

He got me to plead guilty and has not spocken to me since, he was not even in court when i went to be sentanced.

I got 14 months in that prison, it was a discusting place…

Thank you all once again.

My new life is in the south, lets hope luck changes. ”

“Ismet”, whose wife is an Advocate, on the same board attempts to explain why this happened;

I believe you 100%. Unfortunately the courts, civil and criminal are under pressure of too much work but that is no excuse to what they did. The solution is to have more judges and more buildings in order to avoid endless postponements. I wish you good luck with the rest of your life.

“Misunderstood” objects to Tony calling the boys “stupid”:

You have my sympathy Tony, but is it really necessary to call the two boys who paid with their lives for their errors – stupid? Whether I was to blame or not, I would hope my compassion for the bereaved parents would stop me from committing such a statement to paper.

Good luck in the future Tony, but spare a thought for the parents whose boys who were undoubtedly in the wrong, but will not have a future.

“Birdman”was in the same situation as NCFP when we tried to publicise Tony’s case:

“Tony, I tried to do more to help you while you languished in that shit-hole but Maurice your cousin asked me to back off as he said that your lawyer said that if anyone stirred up the shit on your behalf it would make the case worse for you ! I KNEW at the time your lawyer was lying and just wanted the flack to go away as HE was getting hassle for NOT DOING HIS JOB. Name and shame him please TONY !

“Pipebender” then responded by doing as “Birdman” asked”

The lawyers name is Sinan H. Semiler he realy was a very bad person, he charged an extra £1000 for a traffic expert and never even contacted one and then on top of the £5000 he was paid he tried to do us for £750 V.A.T

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