Akfinans Bank do not own my North Cyprus property

My good friend Ipek Ozerim wrote an excellent column in Cyrus Today in last week’s edition regarding the intolerable position Kulaksiz 5 residents now find themselves living in.
I did however find Ipek referring to my villa as their home (Akfinans’s) as all the true owners of the villas have always refused to acknowledge Akfinans’s claim of ownership as legal  An attitude actively encouraged by Ipek herself.  I did email Ipek to make my feelings about her wording in the article known and Ipek herself acknowledged her ‘wording boob’ and suggested I write a letter to Cyprus Today.  The letter I sent is as  follows:
I read the excellent article by Ipek Ozerim in Saturday’s edition of Cyprus Today.  However I do take issue with Ipek’s reporting of my villa being the ‘home’ of the Bank.  In fact the Bank use my villa as their weekend retreat.  Everyone will remember how they came to be able to do this.  By breaking into my villa and changing the locks which was reported to the police, as was the vehicular attack on my partner Mr Smith at that time.
My Advocate confirmed in an e mail to me that although I had won a Breach of Contract order that the villa was still in my possession (locked and secured) and that the Bank’s action , at that time, without a Court Order was acriminal offence.   I was assured that until either the Court Award or Court issued a Eviction Notice, possession of the villa was my legal right.  Neither of these events have yet taken place, therefore I still consider the villa my possession and the Bank to be trespassing” 
The Cyprus Today printed a much editted version of this.  See copy below.
As you are aware Akfinans Bank Limited have deliberately and very provocatively turned the area in which the villas are built into a cross between a building site and a war zone.   My villa which they now occupy as a weekend retreat has had extensive work carried out on it, all without consultation with or permission from me.  They have also sited CCTV cameras strategically on my villa so they spy on everyone there and of course film everyone entering and leaving Democracy Sokak.  Why they should want to be amongst people they are treating so badly is a mystery, unless of course it is another less than subtle form of intimidation.  They are clearly, in my opinion without compassion or conscience.
I have in a previous article published my letter to them rejecting their ownership and making them aware that any money spent and their use of my villa is entirely without my permission and consent.
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