Akfinans Bank Victims – Eminent Legal Opinion

The conference entitled ‘Action Against Eviction’  takes place on Tuesday next, Tuesday 23rd of August 2011 at the Pia Bella at 3.00 p.m.  For those of you who have not made up your minds whether to attend or not, I say this: maybe it will achieve nothing;  God only knows those of us who have been campaigning so long and so hard often feel we are knocking our head against a brick wall.  I personally sometimes feel, ‘what is the point, no-one will listen’, but still here I am, bruised and often feeling concussed but still at least alive and trying.  I think the point is that when you get to the situation  I have, with nothing left to lose, you know must go that extra mile.

I am asking all of you, please travel that extra mile with us.  We might just achieve something extraordinary.  Be there on Tuesday, if you feel you have no problems then just show you care.   If you do have problems, how can you justify not being there?
I am releasing the last of the electonic mail pack that accompanied the original Press Release, entitled:- Akfinans Bank Victims – Eminent Legal Opinion.  Some will have read it before but please take the time and trouble to read it again.  If nothing else it demonstrates how lawless the Banks/Legal system/Builders/Landowners have allegedly become.  There is an English version and a Turkish version.
Please be there on Tuesday, talk is cheap, action takes a lot more effort.
If you care, be there.
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