in Cyprus Today – 20/8/2011

Prove it, says top hotelier – John Aziz Kent, owner of the Celebrity and Chateau Lambousa hotels in Lapta, challenged the GC government to prove he had built on GC land as stated in the European Arrest Warrant they have taken out against him. He says he is contemplating legal action after they repeated the same allegation they’d made in 2005. At the time he supplied documentary proof the warrant was unjustified and challenged the GC authorities to arrest him while he was in the UK. Instead, Mr Kent, alleges the GCs in 2005 held a press conference denying they had issued the warrant. HSBC also denies building on GC property. No one in the GC government or Interpol were available to comment.

‘Food poisoning hits third of diners’ – according to the Turkish Cyprus Chamber of Food Engineers who stated ‘no laws on food hygiene exists in the TRNC.” Editor: so it’s a 33/100 chance you’ll be sick if you eat here. Mind you, it could be that you’re not even safe if you eat at home. Look at the temperatures of the freezer cabinets in supermarkets, they should be below -17oC and certainly not crammed to the top. And that’s only what happens to the products at the end of a long chain of steps where things can go wrong without checks or laws to protect us.

Eviction group demands change from government – see NCFP articles

Developer: ‘The Greek Cypriots chose us as a target’ – those involved with Aga Developments, including local lawyer Akan Kurşat, face 11 charges of fraudulently developing and selling GC land. “There is a role to play by the president of the TRNC as well. He should raise this issue at the negotiating table” said a former Aga director who hasn’t been able to travel “to 128 countries” since the warrant was issue. Editor: you’re about 6 years too late and as the president has done nothing about buyers’ issues associated with the Aga Saga, I’d not hold my breath expecting any consideration relating to the warrants.

Millionaire, 84, with claims on Maraş slams IPC ‘delaying tactics’ –  Editor: he can’t wait any more to reject the offer he’ll eventually receive.

Ambitious plans for site as Mare Monte demolishedEditor: the old hotel in Alsancak is being demolished to make way for the new 1,080 bed development desperately needed to cope with the expected surge of tourists, NOT!

Price plea over hike in exchange rates – businesses are being urged to not rush into raising prices in response to the weakening of the lira against the pound, for example. The lira has jumped from 2.20 to 2.95 to the pound in a short space of time. Editor: we might be lucky because when the lira moved markedly in the opposite direction several years ago businesses did not rush into lowering prices then.

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