Akfinans Bank Smoke and Mirrors

When truth is your only weapon you are usually well armed. Not so in North Cyprus. Look at the facts, in any civilised society the truth would serve you well. Not so in North Cyprus, where the truth is attacked with lies. Where smoke and mirrors are used to distract from the truth. First I would like to look at the Kulaksiz truth.

The Truth is Simple

  • Kulaksiz 5 purchasers Contracted to buy, bought and paid for their homes.
  • The purchasers moved in and were totally ignorant of the fact that the landowner/builder and bank were conspiring to take their homes
  • In 2008 the enormity of the conspiracy started to emerge.
  • In 2010 the homes of the innocent were auctioned by the bank and bought by the bank, so in effect the bank got exactly what they had planned to get 5 years previously.
  • From 2010 to date, by legal and sometimes illegal means, the bank has waged a war of intimidation on the Kulaksiz 5.

You will note I have not used the age or the state of health of the Kulaksiz 5 purchasers. Simply because, it does not matter. They are in the right and need no excuses.

The bank on the other hand have stooped so low they are almost crawling on their bellies. The smoke and mirrors campaign they are using has no bearing on the case. For instance why does the court or the newspapers need to be told?

  • Pauline Read is the mistress of her partner and he is her lover.
  • Properties have been let without the owners paying stoppages.
  • The bank were attacked by baseball bat wielding old folk.
  • Pauline Read owns 2 villas with pools in the south, a property in the UK, a property in Karmi.
  • The bank are now trying to throw doubt on the legality of the Contracts.

Smoke and mirrors again. How does proving that Pauline Read and her partner are a pair of randy old rabbits, make their actions legal? Even if the owner of the let property did not pay stoppages, how does that justify the bank’s actions? How does an alleged attack by geriatric baseball bat wielding banshees breaking into their property make the bank right? Even if Pauline Read owned multiple properties in every country in the world, how does it have any bearing on the actions of the bank? Even if every Contract on the site is illegal, how does that justify what the bank did, which many think is totally illegal? Of course we all recognise desperation when we see it, just as we recognise their lies.

Ask yourself why the bank are using such tactics. The answer is simple. It is all they have. The simple truth would see them dead in the water.

Well of course, we all know why they are doing this, smoke and mirrors. Their logic, if they throw enough crap out into the public arena it will distract from the truth. Oh no it won’t.

Soon they will need their smoke to hide them and their mirrors to take a good look at themselves.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith


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