North Cyprus Property Victims | Santa Fe – Blackmail Works

So Santa Fe are, at long last, beginning to transfer ownership to the people who should have received their Contractual rights many years ago – but at a price. Now I read the words of one owner who is quoted as saying “We thought it couldn’t be happening, especially with the way the market has gone. It was absolutely brilliant”. That just underlines the ‘brainwashing’ we have all undergone when we believe, by doing the right thing, the builder is doing us a favour. Santa Fe is partly fulfilling their Contractual obligation. Partly being the operative word, the cost to the purchaser is a) They are having to pay Stoppages, the builder’s liability, and b) Had the transfer taken place when it should have, the transfer fee would be 3% and not 6%. So the innocent pay the price of the guilt’s greed yet again. Well I for one will not be heaping praise on Santa Fe. Remember the old saying “two swallows don’t make a summer”, well 11 transfers is a start but with Santa Fe there is a long, long way to go before every purchaser gets satisfaction and every Santa Fe victim gets what is owed to them.

Where was the Government whilst all this was going on? Ignoring the situation that was clearly gaining momentum and could only ever culminate in the mess we all now know as the ailing property sector. Let us look what this Government did with the transfer fee. Purchasers have been made ill and some even dying through the stress because of this uncontrolled property sector, does the Government step in and take control, oh no. They just withdraw the 3% once only discount on property transfer, but wait for it… only for foreigners. How racist is that?

Santa Fe, for many years, you borrowed against land/property you had sold, you ran your business as if the boom would never stop and when it did you had no reserves to cope with it. Why, because running a business in a controlled and diligent fashion was beyond you. Earn today, spend today and let the purchaser take the consequences. Well they certainly have. So please do not expect any accolades from me. What you are doing is blackmail, some may praise you for it, I won’t. You are holding people to ransom just as surely as if you held a pistol to their heads, and I really understand why people are going along with it. The reason is simple, in a country where the crime of fraud has no consequences, what alternative do they have?

Pandora S Box

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