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In a bid to get rid of the “8am rush” to book a doctor’s appointment, the government are requiring all surgeries to enable an online booking system by 2015. Doctors surgeries will also be forced to let patients receive test results and access their medical records electronically and to be able to e-mail surgeries. Repeat prescriptions will also be issued online.

One of the worse things about the “8am rush” is the need to keep redialling in order to get an appointment, hopefully the internet equivalent won’t be having to continually refresh the surgery website in order to enter your appointment request.

For generations it has been known as the “8am rush”.

Patients wanting to see their GP have had to trudge to their surgery as soon as it opens and queue up at reception to fix an appointment later that day. They then have to stagger home and return later when it is time to see their doctor.

Now ministers are to order all GPs to let patients book appointments online, in a bid to make the health service more “customer friendly”.

Under a new NHS Information Strategy to be launched tomorrow by Andrew Lansley, the Heath Secretary, doctors surgeries will also be obliged to let patients receive test results and access their medical records via their computer, smart phone or iPad.

Patients will also be encouraged to e-mail surgeries direct, ending the hassle of battling with switchboards. Repeat prescriptions will also be approved online, saving a visit to the doctor.

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