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The Pesky Pair tell me they had a lengthy and very accurate interview with the chief reporter of Cyprus Today on Sunday 6th May 2012. They told him exactly what had happened and that the victims had been with them every step of the way. Imagine then their horror when they read a completely different version of events in the next issue of Cyprus Today. A version written on the word of the Girne Tapu without any further reference to the Pesky Pair.

The Pesky Pair know exactly what happened, they were there every step of the way, as were the victims. As was the editor/owner of Afrika Newspaper. We were all biting our finger nails to the quick awaiting the decision of Hudaverdi Iyikal, second only in rank to the Minister of the Interior. You have read the account of what happened on the afternoon/evening of Friday the 4th May, the Pesky Pair and the victims lived it. When we showed Mr Levent the version being peddled by Cyprus Today, he was justifiably angry. He phoned Mr. Iyikal who confirmed, HE stopped the auction, no one else, and he did it because of the pressure put on him by Sener Levent. He even said that he got a ‘speeding ticket’ whilst talking it through with Mr. Levent.

Mr Levent is a first class journalist and whilst I cannot tell you exactly what is said on the front page of Afrika newspaper today, I can tell you there is a picture of the offending front page of Cyprus Today and I can tell you Yalan Bir, means Lie number 1.

You will see there on the front page is also a reference to Yalan Iki, which means Lie number 2. That refers to the article in Kibris Gazetesi of the 18th May where they take at a pop at Kulaksiz 5 in general and Pauline Read in particular. You do not need to be a linguist to see the 250% that appears on the mortgage document of the 11th November 2005 issued by Akfinans Bank Limited. Do they have a PR department? They say they never charged 250%, it was only put there to take into account future inflation. Clearly they knew this debt would have whiskers on it before it ever got paid. Pllllllease, how stupid do they think we are. That the court order carries an interest rate of 80% per quarter compound is common knowledge, so is the fact that in real terms it is more than 250% per annum. I think the bank suffers from ‘open mouth insert foot syndrome’. Watch out, it could be terminal. Again this was brought to the attention of Mr Levent by Pauline Read a member of the Kulaksiz 5 litigation group.

The Pesky Pair left other interesting details with Mr Levent and during the course of this week, we may well see them published in Afrika Gazetesi. The only newspaper who seems to have the appropriate appendage.

Pauline Read tells me that Sener Levent is officially her hero.

Pandora S Box

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