Aga Development Limited and Kulaksiz 5 have common links

Back in 2006, it seems promises were being made to the beleaguered buyers from Aga Development Limited; promises they went on to break.

Looking at the minutes of a Homebuyers’ Pressure Group meeting on the 8th May 2006(1), you would be forgiven for thinking that the goodwill being ‘sold’ at that meeting was either genuine or buying more time to hide more money. Each of us will have our own opinion on that. Mine is the latter.

Note the named personnel from Aga Developments Limited who either attended or addressed that meeting. One of them even became an Advocate for Kulaksiz 5 for a very short time, his services being paid for by a well-known Turkish Cypriot. I say a short time because when it was realised the connection with Aga Development and the fact that he and the Advocate for Akfinans and co shareholder with Robb,  were far too comfortable with each other at a  meeting attended by two members of K5.

They were openly discussing the idea of K5 paying Akfinans Bank off and then suing Kulaksiz Construction Limited and putting into operation something they called a ‘garnishee order’, which basically meant intercepting stage payments from other Kulaksiz buyers, details of which the Advocate (Akan Kurşat) from Akfinans Bank said he already had and would make available to our then Advocate.

In short, under this plan K5 would have paid off the Bank the £55,000 per property they were asking for, and would then mount a case against Kulaksiz Construction Limited which would have us legally intercepting stage payments from other hapless purchasers, thus creating yet more victims.

Add to this mix the fact that the then Advocate was not taking the actions the K5 group wanted, we parted company with him. It does of course beg the question, if Kurşat had all this information, why wasn’t he using it to recoup Akfinan’s alleged losses instead of persecuting innocent pensioners?

Akan Kurşat who is/was the other shareholder in Aga, alongside Gary Robb, is acting for Akfinans Bank Limited. The Secretary and a Director once acted (briefly) for K5. Kulaksiz Construction Limited did some work in Amaranta Valley and ended up picketing the site over a £56,000 unpaid bill. Aga and K5 seemed destined to have a link, albeit a tenuous one.

It is also interesting that it has been reported to me that on more than one occasion, people who have brought my name up in conversation have allegedly been told ‘Pauline Read is a trouble maker, don’t contact her, if she contacts you, ignore her.’ All I can say is, ‘guilty as charged’. If pointing out the obvious brands me as a trouble maker, then yes, I am a trouble maker. The likelihood of my contacting anyone in trouble that I do not know, and who does not know me, is nil. But, hey, if bad mouthing me gives pleasure then who am I to deny anyone such pleasure?


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