in Cyprus Today – 6/8/2011

Developer extradited to south – Gary Robb is “as much a victim as everyone else.” Editor: read Pauline Read’s NCFP articles for the background information.

New amnesty for drivers of imported motors – a new, new, amnesty allows drivers who have illegally imported cars, in order to avoid taxes, to change their minds and pay them without an additional fine, allegedly. The tax is based on the size of the engine not the value of the car. Editor: rumour has it that the tax is often more than the car is actually worth and that is why avoidance became popular.

Great support for Girne Culture and Arts festival – playing tonight (6/8/2011) at the Girne Ampitheatre, The Animals and Mike Pender’s Searchers. Tickets are 25TL.

Death of expat Vivian – 73 year old Vivian Wade was found dead of a heart attack on Sunday. Lapta police removed valuables from her house, for safe keeping.

Newspaper encourages millions on TRNC travel – London’s Metro newspaper, read by 9.5 million, carried an advert featuring a competition for a free holiday in the TRNC.

Prime Minister’s tourist claims anger officials – tourism officials challenge the PM’s claim that a million tourists are expected in 2012. They argue that these figures are not based on visitors who stay in a hotel for 4 days or more.

A helping hand for turtle hatchlings – the start of the hatching season kicked off on Güzelyalı beach with an 80-strong crowd attending the release of Loggerhead Turtles into the sea.

Still living in the dark ages – İpek Őzerim exposes the TRNC’s archaic legal system which people like Geoff and Mary Day find to their cost that the “courts find in your favour, yet you still may not win.” She also cites the case of Anthony Davey “who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time… in an accident in which two young boys were killed through their own foolishness.”  She writes of Sue Harrison who was “booted out of the country” when a routine blood test revealed she was unknowingly infected with Hepatitis C in the 1970s. This was even after extensive treatment in the UK cured her of the virus. The bulk of the article concerns the arrest of two Turkish men accused of homosexual activity at a Lefkoşa hotel

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