A North Cyprus MP Believes He is Above the Law

A North Cyprus MP Believes He is Above the LawPerhaps many of you believe that reporting that A North Cyprus MP Believes He is Above the Law is worth publishing. Well, we’ll do it anyway. It appears that someone borrowed and drove MP Bertan Zaroğlu’s hire car while not being included on the insurance document. The driver was stopped during a routine spot check on the main road to Near East University in Lefkoşa on Monday, 15 April, and after officers established that the person behind the wheel was not insured to drive the vehicle they impounded the car.

Mr Zaroğlu went to fetch the car after receiving a call from the driver but when the keys were not automatically handed to him it appears that he threw his toys out of the pram, as they say, and started filming the officers performing their duty and streamed their activities straight to FaceBook. Among many things that he said, he is heard to say:

“The police officer has seized the key to my car, even though he knows I am a TRNC MP… even though I have parliamentary immunity.”

This last statement has led to an outcry from many North Cyprus MPs who point out that they do not have immunity to break the law. They are protected, as are UK MPs, from prosecution for what they say in Parliament and also any sentence they receive for a non-serious crimes they may commit cannot be carried out until the end of their term of office. In other words, they can be arrested and tried but cannot be imprisoned until they are no longer an MP.

Serdar Denktaş responded by saying that when his father was issued with a fine for not having his drivers’ license with him, rather than allow the Chief of Police reprimand the Officer he angrily demanded that he be commended for doing his job.

Source: T-Vine

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