K5 V Akfinans Bank | Doing The Right Thing


We all are aware that had Akfinans Bank been into doing the right thing, they would have secured the mortgages on the landowners three properties when they gave him a loan and would have left the residue of the properties already sold to the K5 owners alone. This was November 2005.

In 2008, they had a further opportunity to undo the wrong they did to us and remove the mortgages from our property and reapply the charge to the three properties owned by the landowner, their borrower.

Greed seems to be the only motive for not doing the right thing.

By June 2010, the whole situation became ridiculous and the bank bought our properties at auction (on paper) even thought from day one, the whole transaction had been questionable.

We now know that the mortgages have been deemed fraudulent in a court of law and hopefully the Appeal court will uphold this judgement.

The bank still live in my house, even though on paper they have committed another fraudulent act by putting it into the name of a former Director of their bank…Mustafa Guner.

On the 1st April my friend will attempt to enter my house and spend two weeks there vacationing. Will he be successful, well time will tell. Remember the bank took my house through an illegal act, so righting this wrong seems fair and reasonable.


Whilst awaiting the appeal outcome, all the other litigants with the exception of Eva McCluskey have the use of their villas, it seems only right and proper I too should have the use of mine. So indeed should the family of Eva McCluskey.


So what will happen on the 1st April, will the bank and Mutafa Guner do the right thing or be party poopers?

Pauline Read

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