K5 v Akfinans Bank | Unnatural Justice

K5 v Akfinans Banks | Unnatural JusticeWITHOUT PREJUDICE

If there were such a thing as natural justice in north Cyprus, many cases now going through the courts would have received such justice long ago. I know the advocates see this as counter productive to their income expectations. Lady justice is blindfolded and carries scales to show that justice is supposed to be unbiased.

It seems these basic principles have got lost somewhere in the morass of greed along the way.

How can any country allow a mortgage to be put on a property that is no longer owned by the borrower?

How can any country allow a memorandum on a property that is no longer owned by the debtor?

Hah, they will say, but how are we to know? Our antiquated laws allow this, and the law is the law.

Is it beyond the wit and capability for a law abiding country to change unfair, unjust laws?

Is it beyond the capability of the banks who put the charges on property to check thoroughly the provenance of the property BEFORE advancing money to the thieving borrower. Isn’t their not doing so a form of collusion?

Is it beyond the capability of the court system to check the provenance of the property they allowed memorandums to be place on by debtors of the former owner. Isn’t the failure to do so, also a form of collusion?

Clearly in all of this the innocent are being made to pay for the crimes of the guilty. To add insult to injury, not one of these thieving former owners has been brought to justice.

There is one obvious exception; that well known felon Gary John Robb. He was stripped of the citizenship he was given/bought and now he is going to be stripped of his assets here and they will be sold. Hang on a minute, most have already been sold to his hapless purchasers who number in their hundreds. Do I need to further elaborate in the unfairness of the legal system in north Cyprus. They say they are going to find a way to help these purchasers. One has to wonder how, and how long this will take. Remember these purchasers were ‘Robbed’ over a decade ago and the site, with a few exceptions, is derelict.

Those Turkish Cypriots very much involved in this fraud are well known but still walk free. Consequences in north Cyprus are for the innocent, not the guilty. Some have even been mentioned in court papers in the UK.

The ROC have already punished Robb for his part in the selling and developing of Greek Cypriot land and have identified the owners of this land. The taking of title by the purchasers has to be fraught with obvious legal dangers.

You might well ask why such obvious fraud is not dealt with quickly. I have my own theory, it goes…..most of the victims are old and the system has a strategy that is simple but effective….OUTLIVE them. They are succeeding, many victims have already died.

Pauline Read

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  • Miltiades

    ” How can any country allow a memorandum on a property that is no longer owned by the debtor?”