K5 v Akfinans Bank | The Party is Over

K5 v Akfinans Bank | The Party is OverI put my party frock back in its cover. I am hoarse from singing “We shall overcome” and today is time to reflect about just what did happen yesterday at Mike’s nearly moving in party.

Well our dear Polly Marple skilfully disguised as a tree with branches everywhere (stop complaining) did her stuff. She is all but sleuthed out now and still asleep. She did discover that Mustafa Guner the alleged name on the alleged title deeds to my property is the father of Sebnem, the alleged wife/former wife of Ertug Kader. Keep it in the family. Nepotism rules okay.

Ertug Kader is the family bank owner/manager of Girne branch of Akfinans Bank who allegedly granted the mortgages to Yuksel Yilmaz and Abdurrhman Guney the former Director of Kulaksiz Construction Limited on security owned by the Kulaksiz 5. The mortgages that Judge Talat Usar judged to be fraudulent in his judgement of the 4th December 2014. The bank have appealed this judgement and over four months on, we are still awaiting a date for the Appeal to be heard.

Pay attention, it gets even more complicated.

The first Incident at the party was that a bank goon (security officer) tried to snatch the camera of the journalist going about his legal business of taking photos. He was not successful and the police then arrived. It was decided that a statement would be needed at the Lapta Police Station (oh I have spent many hours there).

Mikes photo cameras

The party did not last long, but the important thing is….it took place albeit on All Fools day.

At the police station the police informed Mike that the landowner had given his permission for the bank to live in my villa. One wonders why and how this could be accepted, but it was. It is said that Kocan No. 8448 shows Mustafa Guner as the owner so I will refrain from asking why he was not there protesting about my protest. Now would the Kocan have been produced at the same Tapu who gave evidence on oath that K5 contracts had been cancelled and that we, the contract holders had been informed in 2008? Evidence the judge clearly did not accept as the truth.


Now I will freely admit my brain is slower than it used to be, Polly Marples however is as sharp as a tack and keeps asking me why I am not joining the dots. She is.

Whilst at the police station Mike tells me a court order arrived stating the I will be arrested if I try to enter my property, which now has two more high security cameras added to the 5 already there and a watch man with back up.

Oh dear, all this to repel a little old lady who is harmless….yea right.

My message to the bank is simple. I will continue my fight for justice. Violence is not my style, nor is fraud.

Your cameras will be removed as soon as I get back what is rightfully mine, or my money back plus compensation. I am not greedy.

One last question…did Mustafa Guner or the landowner ask the court to issue the banning order? Surely the court did not issue it to the bank?

Mike photo of bunting.

Never give in, never give up.

Pauline Read

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7 comments to K5 v Akfinans Bank | The Party is Over

  • Polly Marples

    Mikes account of yesterdays adventures with the bank.

    Mike Kirkup added 5 new photos.

    5 hrs ·


    Well the Bankers certainly had never heard of APRIL FOOL s DAY ! They spent much time and money setting up CCTV Cameras and employing a Security Man – who made the mistake of putting his fist through the gate to take a pop at me – I later after his being taken to the Police Station decided to make the offer of dropping Assault Charges on condition he apologised ! Which he did – after all I suppose he was only doing the Job he was being paid to do ! Also I apparently need a Government Licence to Take a Persons Photograph in TNRC – so I in turn deleted Images of him on my Camera ! – I pose the question has such a licence been granted to others for filming us on CCTV and Mobile Phones ?

    My general opinion of the ” Event Party ” – a rather poor turn out and less support than expected – but I often perhaps expect too much from Folk ! I feel the Aim was fairly successful – it brought folk out of the Wood Work Certainly – ANd they are now being traced !

    My own feelings – it is Mafia Corruption that is running deep inside and corrupting Officials and scaring locals !
    The reasons given by Police and Courts – WITOUT PREDUDICE – are pure Bull Shite – all smoke n mirrors – they are playing Poker with loaded deck – 5 Aces and 10 Jokers ! and deal to Cyprus from the bottom of the deck to suit the opinion they want !

    I see no Honour in this – and when I see English accepting such corruption – I feel sad for them – they have NO balls and their children must be saddened to see their Parents setting such an abysmal standard !

    How will the Kids be when they grow up ?

    So – Is this Protest Over ???

    No way smile emoticon this is just the start – I noted anonymous have installed tracers in systems – so the World is Monitoring the Bankers !

    In Paulines Home – I am told their are devices implanted that make easy access at any time of day or night ! I tend to believe this too !

    My part of this Protest is now almost over – and I must get back to taking Pretty Photos smile emoticon I will NOT be photographing Turtles in the TNRC until her property is open !

    Thanks so much to Brave Nigel helping out ! and David + Tom for turning up to voice support ! I liked the colourful Bunting smile emoticon hope you enjoyed the Chocklate Champagne smile emoticon

    Happy Trails – Mike

  • tomsteel

    “Also I apparently need a Government Licence to Take a Persons Photograph in TNRC —.”

    If this is true, I beg the question how do press photographers, wedding photographers, tourists and family members take photographs? I can understand the ‘no photography’ near military installations decision, but a Government licence to take photographs in the street, of houses, historic buildings with people in them etc – surely not!! Can anybody tell me where this law is stated please?

  • Polly Marples

    I am sure they cannot. Different policemen, different laws. When Pauline was taken to Lapta Nick with Ipek Ozerim, she was told she could take photos because she was a journalist. Which is why Pauline joined the lofty ranks of the press for a year.

  • tomsteel

    Does anybody on this forum have a TRNC legal qualification and can shed any light on this subject or is the query similar to the supposed no flying any flag other than Turkey or TRNC ‘law?’

  • Miltiades

    What the hell do you lot expect from the pseudo mickey mouse state !!
    You are all nuts !!!

  • cyprusishome

    I was talking to the young man who came along with his father to do the interpreting. The first thing he said to me is that it is illegal to take a photo of another person without their permission in North Cyprus.

    Personally I think it is rude to take another’s photo without asking first but illegal!!!! Just another stupid law in MM land.

  • Polly Marples

    Thank goodness someone else took the Kader family photos leaked to Pauline then lol.

    I think they make it up as they go along. Ipeka Ozerim was told in my presence, that as she was a journalist she could take photos. Mike is a photo journalist, ergo he could take photos.

    What about the one of the bank bum going through Eva McCluskey’s window. I am sure he did not give his permission. They were all over the press but definitely not taken by a journalist.