Voting rights for the Turkish Cypriot Diaspora long overdue

Voting rights for the Turkish Cypriot Diaspora long overdueThe President of the Council of Turkish Cypriot Associations (UK), Cetin Ramadan, made the following statement:

“The CTCA (UK) is planning to put together a proposal to the TRNC Government this year regarding voting rights of the Turkish Cypriot Diaspora. We have started constructive dialogue with the UK Turkish Cypriot Community and propose the same with the TRNC Government.

We believe that it is only fair that the Turkish Cypriot Diaspora should have the same rights enjoyed by the citizens of many other countries who make special arrangements for their citizens living abroad to vote in their elections. Unfortunately, the Turkish Cypriot Diaspora will be unable to participate in next month’s Presidential elections but CTCA are hopeful that the issue will be brought forward onto this year’s political agenda.

CTCA have already started to gauge with questionnaires on what basis could we extend voting rights which would enable the Turkish Cypriot Diaspora to connect with the TRNC. The initial results from hundreds of individuals have substantiated views that this is what the Turkish Cypriot Diaspora want.

CTCA’s former President, Ali Ratip Doğruer, who lives in the TRNC and former Secretary General, Ertuğrul Mehmet, have been appointed as the formal representatives of CTCA on the diaspora voting rights campaign. In the coming days before the election, they will be meeting with all the TRNC’s Presidential candidates and presenting CTCA’s views on this subject matter and how the newly elected President can be effective in helping to implement the necessary legislature changes to make diaspora voting possible.

We invite all individuals and NGOs, in or from outside of the CTCA, to join us and have a say in how the TRNC is administered”.

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