K5 v Akfinans Bank | Mustafa Guner’s Name IS on My Title Deed

K5 v Akfinans Bank | Mustafa Guner's Name IS on My Title DeedWITHOUT PREJUDICE

This appeared on a support group FaceBook page yesterday

“I have now had it confirmed that the deeds to my villa are indeed in the name of Mustafa Guner. I have noticed a change in how his daughter now puts her name, she now calls herself Sebnem Guner Kader instead of the former way of just calling herself Sebnem Kader. Perhaps the divorce is complete. That does not take away from the fact that Akfinans Bank have transferred MY villa into the name of Ertug Kader’s present or former father in law, thus extending the extent of the fraud.

How these people sleep at night is mystery to me.

One good thing, at least it did not cost me the £250 the advocate for K5 was asking for to give me the same information. Greedy…you decide.”

I have to hide a wry grin that an advocate would charge £250, i.e. 1000 lira, to obtain a search from the Tapu which
would probably carry a Tapu fee of between 50 and 100 lira, a job which would be done by an unqualified member
of his/her clerical staff.

Advocates do value themselves very highly when you consider the gross negligence and sheer casualness of their
profession when doing the conveyancing on our properties that have caused our problems anyway. I personally also
wonder if some were induced to turn a blind eye to impediments on our properties.

So, Mustafa Guner did allegedly allow my property to be transferred into his name, even though he personally does not occupy it. His daughter and son in law (if he still is) spends weekends there and have been observed doing this for many years now. Clearly the transfer was a cosmetic move to further distance my property from me.

My message to Mr Guner is “Sir, like me you are in God’s waiting room, when you are judged, what excuse will
you have for allegedly colluding in this dastardly act?” I am a Christian, I believe in God. I believe in a just, fair God who would not absolve me from sin just because I sinned against someone who believes in a different way. Sin is sin.

I sent this message to Tulay Guner, wife of Mustafa some time ago in her ‘other’ FaceBook chatbox.

“Pauline Read
Merhaba benim adım Pauline Read dir. Arkadaşım Ismail Karakuş dediğine gore kocanız villamı kızınız icin Akfinans Bank Limited den satın aldı. Bu evi ben hayatım boyunca artırdıgım para ile satın aldım. Banka evimi benden haksizlik yaparak aldı. Villamı ya geri alamak veya benden satın almanızı rica ederim. Arkadasım İsmail bana bunu yapabilmek icin yardım ediyor. Sizin de yardımınıza ihtiyacım var. Lűtfen bana yardım edin.
Saygılar Pauline Read”

It is an appeal for Tulay to help me….woman to woman. As yet she does not appear to have read it.

Pauline Read

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  • Polly Marples

    Pauline is unable to get on to facebook at the moment. This is because someone has reported her as not existing. I think this is wishful thinking on their part.

    Hopefully, someone reading this will relate it to the facebook pages.