Pauline’s Opinion | Reasons Not to Buy in North Cyprus

Pauline's Opinion | Reasons Not to Buy in North CyprusWITHOUT PREJUDICE

If you Google ‘Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank Limited’ or even ‘K5 v Akfinans Bank Limited’, you will discover reason after reason not to buy in north Cyprus. Try Googling ‘North Cyprus property’, there too will be many more pages cataloging reasons not to buy.

It seems that no matter how bad the situation is, no matter how many promises are made by consecutive governments, nothing is ever done to improve the situation. “Copping a deaf un” has become an art form
in north Cyprus. So whilst the government fiddles, north Cyprus property sector burns.

This is a recent entry on a FaceBook support group page which really says it all:

The waiting for an Appeal goes on and on. At the end of June, which is not far away, the courts have their summer recess until mid September. The High Court does hear some cases through the summer, but you can bet the Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank Limited will not be one of them. It is easy to imagine we will come up the anniversary of the case 4th December that found the mortgages to be fraud and still be waiting.

Thus the ‘system’ will… have bought yet another year for the bank to intimidate and another year off the lives of the now very frail and elderly wronged. Does the TRNC give a damn. I think not. The strategy to outlive the K5 and all victims is working very well. The bank allegedly continue to utilise my villa and the ladies of the night continue to use it at weekends with whoever is there.

The cameras the bank have in my garden are not the only ones in the street, watching them, watching us, watching them. Anonymous are on the case.

It all makes me want to vomit.”

One thing you cannot fault the government of north Cyprus and its legal system for, is putting off till tomorrow that which it does not want to face today. It is expert at that.

Kulaksiz is just an example, Boyut, Sercem, Santa Fe. NCP, Armacan and so many more are just waiting in the wings. Waiting and waiting and waiting. The government know they can out wait us; we will die, they know this. Is this the strategy?

They feel no shame, do they have any honour?

Foreign purchasers, will they go the way of the dodo? Do not buy in Cyprus, north or south, it will erode your health and your wealth.

Pauline Read

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