Cyprus Problem | Minefield Map Useless

Cyprus Problem | Minefield Map UselessKibris Postasi newspaper (21.05.15, online) says that Baris Burcu, TRNC President Akinci’s spokesman, has revealed that the coordinates given by the Greek Cypriot side regarding the 28 minefields in the north are not good enough to help remove the mines. Mustafa Akinci discussed the issue today with the Chief of the UN Peace Keeping Force Mission, Lisa Buttenheim, and UNFICYP’s General Commander, Kristen Lund, asking them to obtain all the details regarding the minefields for the Turkish Cypriot side.

This is particularly disappointing especially after Afrika newspaper (18.05.15) pointed out that in reality little had changed regarding the requirements at the crossings. Now, instead of filling the visa in yourself, a police officer does it for you.

Looks like the two ‘confidence building’ measures have set the tone for the quality of the progress of the Cyprus Talks; not encouraging.

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2 comments to Cyprus Problem | Minefield Map Useless

  • madethemove

    Perhaps this link is more appropriate on this post, it’s no wonder the maps are useless, there are probably no mines as they should have been removed.

  • cyprusishome

    There are still unexploded mines out there or are these mine clearing teams just having a holiday in the sun???

    It is not long ago that a member of the UN mine clearing team was blown up!!!!!