Is North Cyprus Water From Turkey Contaminated?

Is North Cyprus Water From Turkey Contaminated?Not only is there uncertainty about who will run the North Cyprus Turkey water project but it looks as if the water quality is also uncertain.

According to Turkey’s Today’s Zaman online newspaper (11.2.2016), wastewater from three neighborhoods in Mersin’s Anamur district is being directed into the Alaköprü Dam, one of dams that were constructed as part of Turkey’s water pipeline to the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus. This is said to be due to an ‘infrastructural problem’.

“The Akine, Sarıağaç and Ormancık neighborhoods have a broken water purification system. In other words, wastewater is being deposited into the reservoir of the dam that carries water to North Cyprus.”

Nearly 2.4 cubic meters of water is transferred per second from Anamur into the reservoir of the Geçitköy dam in North Cyprus. If this water is contaminated then at this rate it will not be long before the north’s major water supply become unfit for consumption, making the water situation worse than before this historic project was launched.

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