North and South Cyprus To Go Separate Ways This Year?

North and South Cyprus To Go Separate Ways This Year?At last the truth is out! The Turkish and Greek sides have such fundamental differences there is no possibility of a solution to the Cyprus Problem.

The south’s President Anastasiades has admitted that the Greek Cypriot side will not accept a rotating presidency. That alone would normally be enough to end the talks. The north’s President Akinci responded by making it clear that if the Greek Cypriot could not accept a Turkish Cypriot being at the head of a ‘United Cyprus’, even for just short periods, then there will be no agreement.

There now is a situation where the two sides have far too many issues where they either disagree or the leaders understand different things about what they say they have agreed on. For example, on the issue of guarantees, one of the leaders has to be wrong because the north’s President Akinci is saying ‘we have not discussed it, it will be taken up in a five-party conference’ and the south’s President Anastasiades says ‘we have surmounted the guarantees’. Which one is true?

There are many such examples to choose from. For example, President Anastasiades says that the solution will be the continuation of the Republic of Cyprus whereas President Akinci insists that the TRNC will become a ‘founding state’. Again, there is absolutely no convergence on the issue of the rotating presidency. Anastasiades says that ‘this cannot happen’ and Akinci that ‘if this does not happen, there will be no solution’.

Even worse, the only clear agreement exists on the property issue where it is being said that ‘the priority for filing an application during the first year will belong to the first property owner’ and that is not something that was received positively in the north.

It is obvious that President Anastasiades is taking these positions on the issues in order to secure a victory for his DISY party in the May elections in the south. The trouble is that Turkey’s stance is that if negotiations end by March that is acceptable but if not the two sides should go their own way. So, either it an agreement or it is separation? It seems obvious to me that the only outcome, based on the current progress, is separation.

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22 comments to North and South Cyprus To Go Separate Ways This Year?

  • Cyprus Sue

    According to Eide the property solution is now 90% solved. Interesting to see if those with properties North and South think so. Perhaps more interesting is his statement “If we fail this time too, there will not be mediation again because the dominant view is that such a chance will never exist again.”

    Like many I have believed that if there is not a solution the TRNC will be recognised albeit on a very gradual basis and time will become the solution.

  • AM

    This article should raise a comment or two from our hellenic misfit posters. 🙂

  • Jerry

    Sue, according to The Montevideo Convention there’s no chance of the “trnc” ever being recognised as a legitimate State. Furthermore the UN Charter states that for a country to become independent, and recognised, its inhabitants should own the land on which it is founded and it should not have been created by force.

  • Dominic Freeman

    ‘Article 1 of the Montevideo Convention states that for an entity to be a state under international law it must possess: a permanent population; a defined territory; a government; and the capacity to enter into relations with other states. Presently, Northern Cyprus meets all of these criteria. They have a permanent Turkish Cypriot population that makes up the majority of the population in Northern Cyprus, with an effective united government ruling over this territory and they furthermore have the ability to enter into relations with other states, if only the international community was receptive to them.’

  • Mike7777

    The North Mediterranean, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and also Cyprus, are about to be overtaken by events that will dwarf small problems – such as the Cyprus situation. Within the next eighty years or so, at least four hundred million (my estimation)people will be on there way here. I cannot guess how they will be integrated, but this will happen.

  • Miltiades

    Dom wrote : They have a permanent Turkish Cypriot population that makes up the majority of the population in Northern Cyprus,”

    What absolute garbage. The T/Cs are no more than 60,000 the rest are imported Anatolian mountain people. Dom, you are beyond belief !!

    By the way, the pseudo state will NEVER be recognized by anyone else apart from senile old fools such as you lot .

    By the way, Turkey has now attacked Syrian army forces in Syria, I wonder if Russia will do anything about this !!

  • Jerry

    You should have done a bit more homework, Freeman.
    “A basic point should be emphasized: Article 1 is qualified by Article 11 because it prohibits using military force to gain recognition of sovereignty. Furthermore, Article 11 reflects the contemporary Stimson Doctrine, and is now a fundamental part of international law through article 2 paragraph 4 of the Charter of the United Nations.”

  • Dominic Freeman

    Milt & Jerry, true to the goofy actions of their cartoon persona, should really check the comments they are responding to as they are not mine, they are those of Rachel Avraham a news editor and political analyst for Jerusalem Online News.

    Quite honestly, I don’t think the TRNC cares what it is called as long it is recognized as a separate entity.

  • Jerry

    So Freeman, why did you post them if you don’t agree with what was said? YOU posted them, do you expect me to write to Rachael Avraham who obviously wants the “trnc” recognised in the hope that the stolen Palestinian lands will be accepted as part of Israel. I’ve already explained to you why the north can never be recognised as a separate entity. The Israelis haven’t managed it with Palestine despite their close links to USA, what chance the “trnc”?

  • Dominic Freeman

    Jerry, you know I love it when you get aggressive as it shows why Cypriots would never be able to live together without causing a war.

    To explain, I posted it because it was an opinion which said differently to the one you expressed. I have little interest in whether either opinion turns out to be ‘legally’ right as it won’t make any difference to what actually happens.

  • Jerry

    Not aggressive nor Cypriot Freeman, simply amused by your stirrimg. Trying against all the odds to enlighten you, it’s an uphill task.

  • Dominic Freeman

    Jerry, you’re not bright enough to enlighten me 🙂

  • Jerry

    Yeah right, I think you post simply to get a response from Milti and myself to boost your hits.
    Funny how it goes quiet here when we are “away”.


  • Miltiades

    Dom is well known for his derogatory remarks directed at the ROC and the G/Cs. He obviously, being a low down cheapskate, has a financial ulterior motive.

    His comments are biased and, if he has shown time and time again that he fully supports the continued occupation of our northern parts.

    Sooner rather than later he and the rest of lowdown cheapskate peasants will realize the folly of their stupid decision to join forces with Turkey by purchasing stolen properties in our northern parts.

    I know his type extremely well, over the years I have encountered many such as him, including those that label anyone striving for freedom as a ….terrorist !

  • Dominic Freeman

    Milt, have you heard the one about the EOKA terrorist who was sent to blow up a bus and ended up burning his lips on the exhaust? 🙂

  • AM

    It baffles me why these two pretend Cypriots come on a board like this.
    They hate us and everything about the TRNC but still feel the need to come on here talking jibberish.

  • Ian Edwards

    Hey Yiannis, what makes us “occupied”?

    There are more Greek troops in the south than Turkish troops in the north.

  • Miltiades

    Ian, do use your common sense. The northern parts of Cyprus are occupied by Turkey FACT. You however, the rest of the cheapskates and the …Turkish army are not …occupied !!

  • AM

    Milti the only “FACT” you need to concern yourself about is if the TRNC is not given independence then the Turkish Army stays, forget the so called peace talks as its the people that will decide not the politicians.

  • Miltiades

    I think the Turkish army might be required in ….Syria where the Russians will welcome it with …open arms!!

  • AM

    Listen here big shot… I think Turkey will get a lot more support in Syria than your bevloved pesky ruskies.

  • Ian Edwards

    “The northern parts of Cyprus are occupied by Turkey FACT.”

    Yiannis, the only FACT here is that once again you are quite wrong. What you maintain is fact is simply your own opinion, agreed to no doubt by Gerry and all the other GC sympathisers.

    Tha FACT of the matter is that the Turkish army is in Turkey. There are a few thousand troops in the TRNC, almost as many as the Greek troops in the RoC. There is an indigenous government in place in the TRNC, accepted by the local Turkish Cypriot population, and all signs of military government disappeared decades ago.

    In reality (something you clearly have trouble with, Yiannis), the south is occupied by Greece as much as the north is occupied by Turkey.