Akfinans Bank v Kulaksiz 5 Appeal On 15th February 2016

Akfinans Bank v Kulaksiz 5 Appeal On 15th February 2016WITHOUT PREJUDICE

Monday 15th February 2016, all being well, the much awaited Appeal made by the bank against the judgment of the 4th December 2014 by Judge Talat Usar who found the mortgages applied to the properties bought by the British Pensioners to be fraudulent, should go ahead.

Clearly the bank disagree with this judgment and on Monday, both sides will be heard by three eminent High Court Judges, who will listen to the arguments in court, then go away and review the whole case. Their judgment will be given some time in the future. The only yardstick I have as to how long that will take is our last Appeal which took some 5/6 months, I can only hope that by September 2016, we will know the outcome.

If K5 lose, then it is the ECHR. If they win, it is another long, long haul sorting out the landowner and possibly court cases related to the mortgages again. You will recall the Judge ordered the properties to be put back on to the original two kocans in the landowner’s name.

I was reviewing some of the old publicity when I came across this. How interesting that the late late Mr. Rauf Denktas was expressing doubts as to the legality of the auction at the time of the auction. You will recall our late founding President indeed did attend the auction despite his failing health. Such was his concern and his support for the Kulaksiz 5. It should not be forgotten that Mr Denktas was a legally qualified man with much experience of TRNC law. I was proud to know him and will never forget he was the first person to offer to be a character witness should the Police go ahead and prosecute me in the ‘Laura the laptop’ fiasco.

Of course they did not, nor did they EVER return my laptop. You Could Not Make It Up.


As an afterthought and purely thinking aloud….”thinks…I wonder if the bank issued a Libel Writ against Mr Denktas for this?”

Pauline Read

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