Why The South Want Territorial Adjustments Discussed Last

Why The South Want Territorial Adjustments Discussed LastWhen the south’s President Nicos Anastasiades addressed his parliament on Thursday he said the north wants to discuss the issue of territorial adjustments last for fear that leaks could derail the process. He did not say how this derailment was possible when the negotiations are supposed to create a document to be presented to both side’s electorate to vote in a referendum. It is what is in this document that will either result in the success or failure of the process, not rumours about the to and fro of negotiations.

It is obvious that for the Cyprus talks to move beyond where they have failed in the past, hard decisions will have to be made on issues such as territorial adjustments, power sharing and property rights. There is talk that the two presidents are working on a formula to resolve the issues of property, security guarantees and territorial adjustment that would create a united, federal Cyprus.

This talk of territorial adjustments are what is causing problems in the south. The very mention of there being a north and south, with the north giving up some of the land they currently occupy, is not acceptable to many Greek Cypriots. They do not want Turkish Cypriots to have any territory at all. A United Cyprus, in their eyes, is a Cyprus ruled by the Greek Cypriot majority with the Turkish Cypriot minority doing as they are told by what will be a democratically elected majority making up the rules.

So what Anastasiades is saying, as he comes up to the May elections, is that talk of their being a separate north will affect his chances of being re-elected. His only chance of saving his party is to pretend that he will secure a major return of land and hope that enough will be convinced that this shrinking of the north will be sufficient to allow him to continue with the negotiations after the May elections. Leaking information that he hasn’t may destroy him. In my opinion, that is why he wants territorial adjustments discussed at the end of negotiations and after the May elections. So, no early referendum then.

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13 comments to Why The South Want Territorial Adjustments Discussed Last

  • Ian Edwards

    Sad, isn’t it.

    Does anyone really believe that GC attitudes to TCs have softened to the point where, now, a democratically elected government (of GCs, naturally) would protect the rights of TCs to live as, where and how they choose?

    I don’t. That idealistic nonsense spouted by Yiannis and others about there only being Cypriots who are all brothers, and Greece and Turkey should bugger off and leave the island in peace, is simply not real life. In any settlement allowing GCs to rule again, there would only be one outcome.

    Enosis B.

  • Miltiades

    I believe in Democracy. I can not force my views on the Cypriot people. I believe in a united Cyprus where all citizens are Cypriots and equal under the democratic principles.

    No one can eradicate the history of Cyprus, the vast majority of Cypriots are Christians and understandably are greatly influenced by their Greek connection stretching back more than three thousand years.

    Cyprus was the first nation in the world to be ruled by a Christian. The Ottomans came to Cyprus in 1571 as invaders and conquerors. Up to that time there were no Muslims in Cyprus.

    To demand that the overwhelming majority of the Cypriot people cast away their history, their culture, their religion is not only preposterous but unattainable.

    I have always been a passionate supporter of one nation, one people, independent but not divorced from their history, it is inconceivable that the vast majority of the Cypriot people will ever accept the partial occupation of their island by Turkey.

    The vast majority of Cypriots want nothing more than peace and co existence with all Cypriots.

    “Roman Cyprus was visited by the Apostles Paul, Barnabas and St. Mark, who came to the island at the beginning of their first missionary journey in 45 AD, according to Christian tradition, converting the people of Cyprus to Christianity and founding the Church of Cyprus, After their arrival in Salamis, they proceeded to Paphos where they converted the Roman governor Sergius Paulus to Christ. In the New Testament book of Acts of the Apostles, author St. Luke describes how a Jewish magician named Bar-Jesus (Elymas) was obstructing the Apostles in their preaching of the Gospel. Paul rebuked him, announcing that he would temporarily become blind due to God’s judgment. Paul’s prediction immediately came true. As a result of this, Sergius Paulus became a believer, being astonished at the teaching of the Lord. In this way, Cyprus became the first country in the world to be governed by a Christian ruler.”

  • fluter

    “A United Cyprus, in their eyes, is a Cyprus ruled by the Greek Cypriot majority with the Turkish Cypriot minority doing as they are told by what will be a democratically elected majority making up the rules.”

    Precisely! In fact, exactly as it was when I first arrived there in 1960. GC bosses and office workers, TC labourers.

  • Miltiades

    Interesting observation Fluter. Perhaps you care to enlighten us as to how democracy works in the UK and elsewhere. I wonder if majority rule exists elsewhere on the platet !

  • fluter

    Well, difficult Aphrodite, as I don’t know what on earth you are talking about!

    Usual tripe.

    Don’t bother to respond.

  • AM

    Well the “democratic” system I know does not persecute the minorities or drive them into enclaves then tries to sell their country to the Greeks.

    That’s why you will never get control of the whole island ever again.

  • Jerry

    Read and try to comprehend you ignorant cretins:-

    The Secretary-General of the United Nations (U Thant) in 1965:

    “The Turkish Cypriot leaders have adhered to a rigid stand against any measures which might involve having members of the two communities live and work together, or which might place Turkish Cypriots in situations where they would have to acknowledge the authority of Government agents. Indeed, since the Turkish Cypriot leadership is committed to physical and geographical separation of the communities as a political goal, it is not likely to encourage activities by Turkish Cypriots which may be interpreted as demonstrating the merits of an alternative policy. The result has been a seemingly deliberate policy of self-segregation by the Turkish Cypriots”

    (UN Report S/6426 10.6.65)

  • Ian Edwards

    Geez Jerry, what a ridiculous way to debate something. Could you be any more selective? Do you think it remotely possible that at that time, due to the well-documented activities of Makarios and his cronies as they went about the business of Enosis, the TCs were being bullied into such a self-segregating policy?

    Once again let me point out to you the big difference between the leaderships: The TC leadership wanted partition, whereas the only thing the GC leadership was interested in was turning the whole island Greek.

    Jerry, when are you going to give us all a break from your tiresome spin?

  • Jerry

    Which came first, the demand for partition or the demand of the overwhelming majority for union with Greece and the security that came with it from the neo-colonial Turks?

    A difficult question for a cretin to work out.

  • Dominic Freeman

    Jerry, come on try harder and you’ll work it out I’m sure 🙂

  • Ian Edwards

    Don’t be so hard on yourself Jerry…I never called you a cretin.

    I never even called Yiannis a cretin.

  • Miltiades

    Would any of you care to tell me how large does a majority have to be in order to be able to determine their nations destiny. Lets see, you obviously do not consider that the 80% of Cypriots have such right, how about if the G/Cs were 90% or 95%.

    I give you the answer. You all have a financial ulterior motive, you don’t give a toss either about Cyprus, the T/Cs or the G/Cs just as long as you have your stolen goodies to enjoy. All these crap about how care about the T/Cs is just that CRAP.

    By the way, I know your sort very very well !

  • AM

    You would know very well about caring about Cyprus wouldn’t you numb nuts…living in the comfort of London for the last 60 years ?