High levels of Cancer Forming Bromate Found in Bottled Water in North Cyprus

High levels of Cancer Forming Bromate Found in Bottled Water in North CyprusI remember my father saying that during the war the army the used to put bromide in the tea to lower the sexual urges of the servicemen. It wasn’t true of course, it was just one of those urban myths, but according to the TRNC Health Ministry high bromate levels have been discovered in North Cyprus bottled water.

Bromate can occur in water as a result of ozone-based water treatment processes where naturally occurring bromide is oxidised to form bromate. Bromate has been shown to be a carcinogen and in 2001 a water quality standard of 10 ug/l (micrograms per litre) was introduced. The water analysed by the Health Ministry showed in four brands of bottled water worrying levels of this potentially cancer forming chemical.

BrandSizeμg / L
Aqua Fresh Water1.5 litres14
Aqua Fresh Water0.5 litres14
Gürpınar Water2.00 litre19
Meysu0.33 litre39

These were the results of tests performed in the last month and there is no indication of whether previous tests have been OK or whether these companies will be monitored in the future. I buy the 19L Meysu bottled water sometimes and assume that it contains the same water that the 0.33 litre bottles contains. It is four times over the UK recommended level of bromate; I’ll not be buying it in the future!

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