Popular Science News | Too Much Iron in Diet Causes Cancer

Popular Science News – do you remember being told that you looked a little anaemic and being prescribed iron pills? Well now we’re being told that there is a possibility that high levels of iron could increase the risk of bowel cancer in those with faulty APC genes. Brilliant, and that goes for iron-enriched breakfast cereals too!

This research seems to be suggesting that yet another medical nutritional fix can have unexpected side-effects. So what are scientists suggesting? Remove iron from the breakfast cereals? No, of course not,  scientists from the University of Birmingham are developing treatments to reduce the amount of iron in the bowel! That’s right they’re looking for a drug to sell in order to correct a problem they’ve created. I just love the pharmaceutical industry, you never get an apology, a simple “sorry that we’ve given you bowel cancer by putting iron in your food, we’re taking it out now,” would have done.

So they get you to eat up all your cereal and then give you a pill because it might not be good for you! I wonder if they’ll eventually find out that this new pill has side effects and so they’ll have to develop a new medicine to counter those? It must be exhausting working in the pharmaceutical industry.

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