in Cyprus Today | 11/8/2012

Scared to buy in TRNC – Hasan Sunger, head of the TRNC’s Estate Agents’ Union says that ‘people are afraid of being swindled… the government must take action urgently.’ The government’s urgent action followed swiftly when Finance Minister Ersin Tatar totally ignored Hasan Sungur’s call and focused on the IPC.

More than half of Cypriots ‘lazy’ – according to The Lancet magazine Cyprus came 16th in the lazy country study, disappointingly way behind Malta which came first. Editor: that’s why they’re doing nothing about property buyers ‘being swindled’!

Range of real ales set for productionEditor: hope they’ve not been too lazy to have undertaken their market research. Yes, there is a demand but if the price is not right then that falls dramatically. What about taste testing? That’ll need experts such as myself who will sacrifice themselves…

Holiday push has been disappointing – a scheme to get locals to take holidays in their own country has failed because what was on offer was not what was wanted. Editor: didn’t I tell you about not being too lazy to do market research before launching your idea on the market

Noisy venues fined – next weekend is the Bayram Holiday  and special licenses will be issued for August 19-21 but usually loud music can only be played on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and strangely the head of the Sound Control team said that complaints would “only be accepted on licensed days.”

Creditwest given an ‘A’ – the banks Japan Credit Rating was ‘A’ with a positive outlook

PM lauds his time as leader of party – the PM focused on the government’s economic record while Health Minister Ahmet Kaşif sought to topple him.


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