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North Cyprus Property Victims – I was I admit very surprised and disappointed when the attack was made on me in North Cyprus Forum.

It is now time for these silly one up man ship games to stop and to concentrate on the real issues, the victims of the property scams and their needs.

We all know that the Home Buyers Pressure Group and Marion Stokes have worked long and hard to solve property issues from day one. By the side of Marion we are mere beginners. Marion’s way does work, as her results show, despite having many obstacles thrown in her way. Marion and I do have one thing in common, we both baulk at victims being charged by people like us. However, the choice has to be made by the individual. Marion does, I am sure reluctantly, subscribe to paying more to the builder if necessary and if the purchaser feels that is the way to go, who am I to say they are wrong. The only real issue I have with it is that it can make it bad for those who a) do not feel they should have to pay more than the Contract price or b) just do not have the money to pay with.

Citizens Advice Cyprus have had some success with cases recently, well done to them. They take a different approach and charge the victim for their services. As I understand it there is/was a £50 annual membership fee for advice but if they have to take action for you, an additional fee. This is the way they work and as long as you are aware of the fees up front, then all should be well.

Seeing the reference to the site a Greenhills takes me back to the day we were out there in November 2011 and I ended up on my back looking at the sky. Of course in those days CAC did not exist. Even then the Landowner a very charming man, was willing to transfer the title to the owners and was looking for a way through the memorandums put on the site by some owners. With goodwill, there was already the makings of a solution. I hope this does indeed become the reality.

I also visited the site at Sun Villas where the builder was also looking for a solution to keep his purchasers happy. This situation has obviously been taken forward and let us hope it is only a matter of time before everyone on that site is happy. Again, well done.

As you all know it is only a short time since I was removed from CAC and the other stbinc. Yes I am sad about it but one does not dwell on what might have been, only on what is. The Original STBINC grows in numbers and it has been time consuming. The group started on 17th July 2012 just 25 days ago. It is a secret group so we rely on existing members to supply new members. I personally will continue to pour pressure on the current Government through my writing and whenever possible help individuals with their problems. I freely admit that current Government doors do not open to me, but since their past performance in helping victims has been poor to non-existent, I do not feel that is a great loss. If you look at the record of promises made and the promises broken, you will understand my comment.

As you have all been made aware the current project of producing a book compiling many ‘true’ victim’s stories is our main aim at the moment. We still need more stories although I will say a big thank you to those who have come forward. This book will be published, it will reach a worldwide audience.

I will continue to campaign for property scam victims, I will continue to write about anything that impacts on victims in my role as caretaker of the Original Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus FaceBook group. I will continue to write the truth without fear or favour.

Finally I will continue my personal battle for JUSTICE and will continue to try to gain my court award here in the TRNC. If that fails I have the back up of the domestic and ECHR cases in the combined Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank Limited litigation. I do PROMISE though, I only expect to be compensated ONCE, I know I am often naive, but not so naive to expect to be paid out twice. Things like that do not happen in the real world, or even in what seems like the very unreal world here.

Pauline Ann Read

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