North Cyprus Property Victims | Problems at Greenhills,Tatlisu

Yesterday, Pembe and I, as committee members of Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group, visited the landowner of the site known as Greenhills, Tatlisu. We first went to the home of the landowner Izzzet Yavuz and met with him, his wife Seriffe and their children.

Izzet farms his land and sells his produce to earn a living. He grows all sorts of salad and root vegetables.  He comes over as a hard working man whose greatest misfortune was to be introduced to Bekir Yildan, the builder who sold him the idea of developing his parents’ land, by building villas and selling them.  Izzet obtained his parent’s Power of Attorney and entered into the Contracts jointly with the builder and  the purchasers. The marketing and building of the villas was the builder’s responsibility.

The irony in this tale is that Izzet was initially introduced to Bekir Yildan by Abdurrahman Guney of Kulaksiz Construction Limited.

The story is now a familiar one for all victims of the property scams here in the TRNC.  Izzet, in my opinion is as much a victim as the purchasers.  Bekir Yildan has run up debts, written ‘rubber’ cheques and left Izzet to face the consequences.  Izzet told me of an Electrical Wholesaler who trusted Yilden and acted as Guarantor for his cheques with other suppliers who now has to pay 11,000 TL  per month to pay off Yilden’s debts.  The Prosecution Service has an ongoing case against Yilden but somehow he managed to evade the authorities and do a runner back to Turkey.

The situation now is that  the purchasers of the villas at Greenhills have Injunctions and Memorandums on Izzet’s home and land and on the site known as Greenhills in Tatlisu and Izzet totally understands the anger and frustration the builder has caused to the purchasers.  However, Izzet has already sold his car to raise money to pay his previous legal fees and now has no cash to finish to site, which he really wants to do.

Izzet took us to the site at Greenhills and on the way stopped in to show us the Kulaksiz site known as Hafis village.  The site is abandoned but six of the villas are occupied.  The buyers there have no electricity and no water.   He also told us about the other Kulaksiz site which is virtually finished but because of the many encumbrances, the buyers may never get their Kocans.

On arriving at Greenhills, my initial reaction was ‘WOW’, the views were stunning.  Connection to water and electricity was nearby so that if the site is ever finished, that should not be a major obstacle.  Talking of that, a ditch had been dug for this very thing, a plank placed across it so that Pembe and I would have to walk across.  I gingerly crossed and looked back where Pembe was midway across the plank screaming. My intention was to turn and offer my hand to help her but all I could hear was the word ‘spider’ coming from Pembe and the screams of course.  As I turned the loose stones under my feet slipped and the next thing I knew I was viewing the sky from a horizontal position.  Now you all know what it is like when you fall. Being British, you could have two broken legs and a broken arm but when asked if you are alright, you reply, ‘yes thank you’.  Izzet was trying to help me up, but at my age I knew the only way was for me to roll over, get on my hands and knees and rise very carefully, which I did.  Pembe was still mid plank screaming incoherently about this spider, I extended my hand, she came over the plank and I then thought I had better look at this spider.

Oh my goodness, he was some ugly  specimen, I don’t suppose I looked very attractive to him.  He had a big round black/brown body which was sort of lumpy and thick legs. I wouldn’t have trod on him, he looked as though he could eat my shoe and my leg with it.  I said he looked like a  Harry, so Harry he became, but not for long, Izzet dealt with him.

Izzet showed us the villas, numbers 5, 10, 11, and 13 are finished and sold.  Number 6 (Gillian’s) is half way built. Number 9 is finished and for sale, Izzet owns this one.  Number 2 is not finished but sold. In addition there are six plots, two have been bought by the purchaser of number 13, two were the builder’s and two are not yet sold. Now here you can see the possibility of a solution.  Final payments from those who still owe money and the possible sale of the unsold property and plots could provide the money to complete the site.  Of course, the Memorandums put on the properties make the sale  difficult, if not impossible.

Izzet is keen to complete Greenhills and wants everyone to have their dream homes. The alternative would not only take a long time but would see Izzet and his family losing everything, their home, their livelihood and the purchasers of Greenhills having no guarantee of the return of all their money.  The Advocates need to put the best interests of their clients first and co-operate in giving everyone the best possible outcome.

When we left Greenhills we stopped at Tatlisu Belediyesi Holiday Park and had something to eat at the restaurant.   I will have to tell you more of that in a separate article.

When we got to the turning to Izzet’s home, he suggested he leave us there and walk home.  No, no says Pembe and Pauline, it is too dark, we will take you home.  We left him at his door and then tried to find our way back to the main road. Two females with absolutely no sense of direction, the blind leading the blind comes to mind. We took this turn off, we took that turn, still we were nowhere near the main road and it was pitch black with only the headlights to guide us.  Eventually we admitted defeat and returned to Izzet’s home, the only lights we could see. Poor Izzet had to lead us to the main road on his motor scooter/bike.  From the look on his face, I think he is probably still laughing. I know we couldn’t stop giggling all the way back to Girne. One thing we were totally agreed on, we were glad neither one of us was alone when we got lost in the wilds of Tatlisu, too many big spiders!

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